Scuba Diving Tour from Side

per person 40.00
  • 7-8 Hours
  • Insurance
  • Payment on Tour day
  • Transfer
  • Guidance

Tour Overview

What do we do in Side Scuba Diving Tour?

Scuba diving is a type of diving done by breathing high pressure air filled tubes under water. Scuba diving, one of the most beautiful activities in the world, requires training first. Diving is recommended for anyone who does not have health problems and loves the sea.

Diving as a privilege in the blue waters of Side will be the most unforgettable event of your holiday. You can experience your first diving experience in Side. Side sea is ideal for those who want to dive for the first time. There is no dangerous creature in the blue waters of Side that may pose a risk for beginners.

Dives are made from a fully equipped dive boat. The diving program is different for experienced and beginners. Those who will dive for the first time are given a short training first by the dive instructors. This training will basically look at your swimming and breathing skills and will be done in this direction. The purpose of this training is to see your diving potential and prepare you for your first dive experience.

For first time dives, the depth of the dive will not be more than 5 meters and the dive time will be approximately 30 minutes.

Turkey's diving rules are quite strict. Those who do diving operations undergo strict supervision. It is very difficult to get a dive operation license. Diving organizations and boats are regularly inspected by the coast guard units.

dive age in Turkey is 14. This is also true for tourists.

Although it is possible to dive in the world, other countries are prohibited children under the age of 14 in Turkey. Children under the age of 14 can come with their parents and spend time on the boat. They can also snorkel. But they cannot dive underwater. Anyone aged 14 (and without any health problems that might pose a problem for diving) can take a short dive training and dive. There is no upper age limit for diving. Diving training is very important. Scuba diving anywhere in the world needs a special certificate, namely a badge. Only trial dives can be done without a license under the supervision of a trainer up to 7 meters.No matter how experienced and trained divers or divers, dive limit is 30 meters maximum. 

Do not miss the opportunity to experience scuba diving in Side!


  • Transfer from the hotel
  • Health check
  • Training by professional divers (30 minutes)
  • First dive 25 minutes
  • Lunch
  • Second dive 25 minutes
  • Transfer to hotel


What's included

  • Lunch
  • Two times diving
  • Diving equipments
  • Pick-up and drop off from all hotels in Side

What's excluded

  • Photos and DVD
  • Drinks


Monday 09:00-16:30
Tuesday 09:00-16:30
Wednesday 09:00-16:30
Thursday 09:00-16:30
Friday 09:00-16:30
Saturday 09:00-16:30
Sunday 09:00-16:30