Turkish Bath in Antalya

Antalya Turkish bath has been regarded as a source of health, long life, beauty and good mood since ancient times. You will enjoy visiting our Turkish Bath in Antalya. Steam room, scrub massage, various types of massage, swimming pool, salt room and facial skin care program await you.

 Peloid Turkish Bath from Belek and Antalya

We invite you to enjoy the Peloid Turkish Bath in Belek. Pamper yourself in this program that has calming effects on the body and mind. Pamper yourself by making your body as light as a bird with steam sauna, salt room, peeling treatment and oily massage.

The Land of Legends Theme Park Tour from Antalya and Belek

The land of legend Theme Park tour from Antalya offers a great experience and entertainment at the peak of speed and excitement.

 Antalya Aqualand Tour from Antalya and Belek

Give your children a fantastic day. You will also have a good time with them! You and your family will not be able to forget this beautiful day in Antalya Aquapark!

Marmaris Turkish Bath (Traditional)

One of the most popular activities to apply for while on holiday in Marmaris is to take your fatigue and visit a Turkish Bath in Marmaris  that will rest your soul and body

Alanya Turkish Bath (Traditional)

One of the most popular activities to apply for while on holiday in Alanya is to take your fatigue and visit a Turkish Bath in Alanya  that will rest your soul and body.

Alanya Turkish Bath and Spa Treatment (Hamam)

A "must go to" in Turkey is Turkish bath or "Hamam". It is a tradition which dates back to old history. Baths were the center of the Ottoman Empire (and before Roman times).Relax yourself at a traditional Turkish bath in Alanya and enjoy a relaxing 2-hour experience.Put this expereience to your booking list down of tours in Alanya.

Alanya Dolphin and Seal Show

They are waiting for you to show this friendly and wonderful animals with a great dolphin and sea lion show in the biggest dolphin park of Europe in Alanya.

Alanya Water Planet (Aquapark)

The largest aqua park in the Mediterranean region with a capacity of 2000 people brings you entertainment, excitement and adventure.

Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park

Marmaris Aqua Dream water park is about five kilometres away from Marmaris city center. This water park starts to serve you at the beginning of May and continues to serve until the end of October.

Side Traditional Turkish Bath

You will sweat in our sauna, then you will feel clean and energetic with a scrub on the navel stone, foam massage, nourish your body with an oil massage, and rejuvenate with a face mask and facial massage in Side Turkish Bath.

Alanya Scuba Diving

İn Alanya diving tour, they offer you a wonderful underwater experience with professional instructors. While diving in the breathtaking crystal clear sea of ​​Alanya, you will not get enough to look at colorful fish and dazzling coral reefs.

Paragliding in Alanya

Do you want to fly like a bird and dance with clouds in the sky?Our company offers this freedom with 10 years of experience and professional service quality.We move from the world-famous Cleopatra beach to a 30-minute wonderful jeep safari and arrive at the flight area at a height of 700 meters.Alanya is one of the best locations in Turkey for paragliding.The paragliding flight is a tandem flight and as a passenger you need no prior experience or knowledge.

Antalya Aquarium Tour from Alanya

Antalya Aquarium, one of the largest aquarium complexes in the world, offers inspiration, entertainment and education together.

The land of legend Theme Park tour from Alanya

The land of legend Theme Park tour from Alanya offers a great experience and entertainment at the peak of speed and excitement. The land of legend Theme Park is located in Belek near Antalya, about 120 km from Alanya.

Fishing and Snorkeling Tour in Alanya

Our Alanya Fishing tour is an activity and hobby tour that you can do in the Mediterranean Sea.We recommend you to try this enjoyable and exciting Alanya fishing hobby tour that everyone (amateur or professional) can easily join.

Swimming With Dolphins in Alanya

Clicktourguide.com invites you to swim with dolphins in Alanya. Did you know that Europe's largest Dolphin Fish Park is located in Alanya? It operates under the name SeAlanya Dolphinpark in the town of Türkler, 20 km from the center. Swimming session with dolphins in Alanya is held twice a day.

Scuba Diving Tour from Side

Scuba diving is a type of diving done by breathing high pressure air filled tubes under water. Scuba diving, one of the most beautiful activities in the world, requires training first. Diving is recommended for anyone who does not have health problems and loves the sea.