Alanya Boat Tour (Pirate Boat Luxury) with Sunbathing and Alanya Caves

Alanya Pirate Boat tour is one of the most popular tours in Alanya that you can enjoy a  six hour long boat trip on a wooden pirate boat with the view of the spectacular seaboard of Alanya.  Sunbathe on the boat, get a tan while the boat sails around the historical Castle Peninsula that includes three well known caves: Pirates, Lovers and Phosphorus Cave and white sandy Cleopatra Beach.

Alanya Daily Pirate Boat Trip with Lunch and Soft Drinks

It is unique to watch the sea from Alanya,it is invaluable to witness an enormous nature with its castle built on the peninsula from the sea, its walls, the shipyard, the red tower and the city extending to the mountains by Alanya Boat Trip.

Manavgat River Boat with Local Market (Bazaar) from Alanya

You will be taken to your boat waiting for you on the river and you move to the point where the river flows into the sea by boat. During the trip,you continue on your way with the coolness of the green trees along the river, if we have a chance that day we can see freshwater turtles and pelicans on the dry branches.

Alanya Sunset Boat Tour

Alanya sunset boat tour is a wonderful entertainment tour that we organize in the evening coolness and sunset romanticism as an alternative to day boat tour.

Starcraft Alanya Boat Tour

Starcraft Alanya boat has the title of the biggest boat in Alanya. The capacity of the boat is 800 people.During Starcraft boat tour in Alanya, you will be informed about the history, culture or structure of each place you have visited by our guide in the boat.

Alanya Rent a Yacht (Private Boat Tour)

Alanya private boat (yacht) tour is a tour program organized by our vip Yacht for family and private groups.